London. A lot more than shoes and sunsets. Yet, they were all I captured. Amazing trip all the same.  

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So Uni’s nearly over. Dun, dun, duuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnn. 

I might create a post covering my opinions on university having now experienced it, but at a later date. You know, so I can join the millions of others on the internet who have blogged about post uni life. What can I say I like to be different. 

Anyway for now, less time at uni means more time I can spend on my bike, and that’s kind of nice. 

Kolonial does it right.


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1 year ago on May 27, 2013 at 07:16pm

Something about train stations.

Now’s the time to contemplate the old and new. Coexistence.

with Max Holford

Prague’s colour palette is amazing. It’s architecture is so elaborate. So grand. But kind of run down. It works though. Many cities should take inspiration from Prague’s attitude towards colour, architecture and the relationship between the two.

Anyway, orange now holds memories of Prague. 

Sat down to get some work done, so naturally the cat decides its a parrot, hops onto my shoulder and tries to eat my head. 

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Of an early morning, the thought of the habitual post-ride hot beverage offers just enough comfort.

I found myself a work buddy this morning. He basked in the autumnal sun, I wrestled with a design brief and the slightest of hangovers. I’m pretty sure I know who got the better deal.

After a few hours of an ongoing battle with uni work, I conceded defeat, and decided to do some doodling instead.

Another sketch of an old bloke. But not any old bloke, a old bloke with a monocle. I’m thinking I might just try and fill my sketchbook with sketches of old people. A bit like an old people catalogue. 

Been blogging for some Uni projects so thought since I’m on a role I’d chuck something up on here. Figured I should probably post more everyday things instead of images of a woodland were my mate may or may not lurk. So anyway here’s a quick sketch of a fairly stern looking old bloke. I’m looking forward to old age. 

If you go down to the woods today…you’ll probably find Craig lurking there.

So the start of a new week, and I’ve actually been pretty productive for once, so lets hope it continues. Amongst the scribbling down of ideas, that I may or may not ever bring to fruition, I was checking out some blogs. One of which was, the concept’s really cool and in the end it got me taking pictures of my tatty old jeans. Simple things right? Maybe, but there’s something interesting about the intricacies of a well worn pair of jeans. 

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